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Expert Computer Concepts (ECC) Made Simple By Prof. Satish Jain, M. Geetha

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Author: Prof. Satish Jain, M. Geetha


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: BPB Publications
  • ISBN: 9788183335072
  • Edition:2017
  • Pages: 418
  • Dimension: 27 X 21.5 X 2 cm


This book covers the entire syllabus of the Expert Computer Course (ECC), helps students prepare for the exam and also explain the use of computer in day to day life.

This book is parted into sixteen chapters and the topic comprised as per guidelines outlines by NIELIT. It gives theoretical background as well as in depth understanding of various software packages.

Chapter One Explain the concepts of Computer, its component and applications

Chapter Two Explains the GUI Based operating systems, its component and file management

Chapter Three will help the reader to understand the concept of computer hardware.

Chapter Four makes the reader to acquire skills in word processing basics

Chapter Five Explains the spreadsheet and its features

Chapter Six will help the reader to learn how to create and develop a presentation

Chapter Seven makes reader to acquire skills in creating and developing forms, queries and reports

Chapter Eight Explain about the security features and vulnerabilities

Chapter Nine Explain about the maintenance and troubleshooting of PC

Chapter Ten will help the reader to understand the concept of Network, Internet and Protocols

Chapter Eleven Makes the reader to know the concepts of cloud computing, mobile computing , IT Act 2000, Digital signatures, e-Governance and its benefits.

Chapter Twelve Explains the Internet banking, different financial services provided by the Government.

Chapter Thirteen Will help the reader to compose emails and know about its features.

Chapter Fourteen Makes reader to know the concepts of Multimedia and how to build small applications/ presentations using Multimedia

Chapter Fifteen Explain the concepts of HTML

Chapter Sixteen Helps the user to develop the written, verbal, non-verbal and technical communication skills.