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Essential Word 2000 Book By Elaine Marmel

Rs. 202.00

Product Description The Essential Word 2000 Book provides the best solutions to everyday needs. With this no-nonsense guide, readers quickly learn to generate business reports with tables and charts, insert drawings, create newsletters, and much more.   Contents Introduction Part 1: Creating Basic Documents     - A First Look at Word     - Creating a Simple Letter     - Building a Memo     - Outlining a Sales Presentation     - Fixing Things in your Document     - Setting Up a Document for Printing   Part 2: Word and Real-life Examples     - Getting Visual with a Newsletter     - Crunching Numbers in a Business Report     - Using Mail Merge with a Sales Letter   Part 3: Word Online     - Sending a Fax from Word     - Exploring the Online World from Word     - Using Word to Publish a Corporation Web Page     - Creating a Multimedia Announcement   Part 4: Making Word Work Your Way     - Creating a Collection Letter     - Automating Work     - Changing Your Word Environment     - Creating a Multimedia Announcement   Part 5: Using Word with Others     - Using the Master Document with a Client Proposal     - Working in a Group: A Dept Report     Glossary Index