Do It Yourself Digital Home Office Projects

S.E. Slack

Rs. 324 Rs. 360

ISBN: 9788183332835
Authors: S.E.Slack
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2008
Pages: 306 
Dimension: 20 x 14 x 4 cm 
Book Type: Paperback

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Today's home office is much more than a desk and a computer. Produced in conjunction with, the place to go for the latest in tech and consumer electronics, this book offers up-to-date advice on using the latest wireless and Web-based technologies to create a digital workspace. You will learn to save money and time by setting up a server, enabling videoconferencing, earning advertising income from a blog or website, and more.
Part I: Organize Your Workspace
· Project 1: Set Up a PC Messaging Center
· Project 2: Expand Your Desktop with Multiple Monitors
· Project 3: Perk Up Your Infrastructure with a Webcam
· Project 4: Set Up a Docking Station for Your Laptop
· Project 5: Turn Your Monitor into a TV
· Project 6: Create an e-Shipping Center
Part II: Take It on the Road
· Project 7: Get and Send E-mail Anywhere
· Project 8: Set Up a Mobile GPS
· Project 9: Use Office Applications from Anywhere
· Project 10: Remote Control: Remotely Connect to Your PC or Get Help
Part III: Communicate with Clients and Employers
· Project 11: Turn Your PC into a Virtual Conference Room
· Project 12: Talk for Free on Your PC
. Project 13: Create Your Own Wiki Collaborative Space
· Project 14: Set Up a Virtual Private Network
Part IV: Enhance Your Sales and Marketing
· Project 15: Earn Advertising Incomes from Your Blog or Web Site
· Project 16: Establish an eBay Store
· Project 17: Set Up a Commerce Web Site
· Project 18: Create a Podcast from Your Home Office
· Project 19: Set Up an RSS Feed for Your Web Site
Part V: Work Securely from Home
· Project 20: Turn an Old PC into a Network Server
· Project 21: Automate Your File Backups
· Project 22: Teach Your PC to Recognize Your Voice
· Project 23: Set Up a Wireless Network
· Project 24: Secure Your Wireless Network and Computers
· Index

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