Concepts and Programming in PyTorch

Chitra Vasudevan

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ISBN: 9789387284296
eISBN: 9789388176057
Authors: Chitra Vasudevan
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2018
Pages: 174
Book Type: Paperback

Book is  written in a lucid manner to explain concepts in detail, with adequate emphasis on examples. To make clarity on the programming examples, logic is accurately explained and discussed through comments in the  program itself. The topics covered in this book include starting the software through coding in software and writing programs.

The book features more on practical approach through ample examples covering simple to complex topics  that address  many core concepts and advanced topics.


Learn to Demystify the neural networks with PyTorch


  • Basics concepts of PyTorch including CNN and RNN architecture are discussed in detailed manner.
  • The worked out case studies are dealt in a detailed manner.
  • Each chapter concludes with the observations of PyTorch to facilitate a better understanding of PyTorch.
  • Abundant worked out coding examples.
  • Highly self-explanatory and user-friendly approach.


  •  Linear Regression
  •  Convolution Neural Network (CNN)
  •  Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  •  PyTorch Datasets


  • Graduate Students- Computer Science/ CSE / IT/ Computer Applications
  • Master Class Students—Msc (CS/IT)/ MCA/ M.Phil, M.Tech, M.S.
  • Researcher’s—Ph.D Research Scholars
  1. Introduction to PyTorch
  2. Linear Regression
  3. Convolution Neural Network (CNN)
  4. Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  5. PyTorch Datasets
  6. Observation in PyTorch

Chitra Vasudevan is a Technical director of the software company who had wide experience in Maths and Computer Science for more than 25+ years. Basically she is a Mainframe Specialist with the Knowledge of DB2, VSAM, IDMS, IMS Databases. She worked in the client server Architecture too with PowerBuilder, JAVA, VB, VC++. Apart from this she is an ISO 9000 certified Auditor and also a CMM Process oriented person. She had developed a lot of tools and apps in the field of Computer Science. 

She had passed her M.Sc, M.Phil degree in Mathematics and is a Gold Medalist in Mathematics too. Later she entered in the field of Computer science and she worked as M.S. BITS Pilani Mentor for Software Engineering and Computer Design technology.

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