Computer Science with Python (Question Bank for Exam Success ) Class XII CBSE (083)

Ashish Bhargava, Gurpreet Kaur

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ISBN: 9789389845051
Authors: Ashish Bhargava, Gurpreet Kaur
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: February 2020
Pages: 353
Book Type: Paperback

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This Book Covers Questions And Answers From The Entire Syllabus Of Computer Science With Python (083). The Book Is Divided Into 16 Chapters Which Cover All Four Units. Questions-answers Given Are Helpful To Understand The Key Terms, Concepts And Demonstrate How To Develop The Code In Order To Solve Problems. Apart From These, The Book Also Provides The Model Question Papers, Project, Practical File Questions And Case Studies.

Model Question Paper Is The Best Tool To Simulate The Exams, Use It To Check Your Strengths, And Weak Areas. Learn To Divide Your Time Judiciously. Solve These Papers Multiple Times For Better Outcomes.

Book Has A Sample Project That Demonstrates How To Solve A Real-world Problem And Also Demonstrates How Virtualization Is Helpful In Problem-solving. Practical Questions Are Helpful To Learn Programming By Coding Examples.

Case Studies Are A Real Platform That Demonstrates Various Aspects Of Problem-solving. It Helps Our Students To Know How (Approaches) Used In Real-world Problem-solving.

A Questions Bank Helps To Prepare For Lessons And Tests, Could Not Ask For More

Key Features

  • Questions Are Designed To Build Concepts, That Help The Students In Revising The Entire Syllabus, Irrespective Of The Question Pattern Of The Exam
  • It Covers The Latest Syllabus Prescribed By CBSE
  • Define The Learning Objective Based On Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Answers Given Are According To The CBSE Marking Scheme
  • Covers All The Essential Concepts Form An Examination Point As Specified By CBSE
  • What Will You Learn
  • Writing Code In A Pythonic Way, Not To Replicate C++’s Style Of Writing Code
  • Syntax Of The Inbuilt Functions
  • Inbuilt Functions To Solve Problems


What Will You Learn

  • Writing code in a pythonic way, not to replicate C++’s style of writing code
  • Syntax of the inbuilt functions 
  • Inbuilt functions to solve problems

Who This Book Is For
Questioning Is An Essential Device Of Teaching. The Teacher Can Judge The Amount Of Knowledge Acquired By The Students Through Questioning. Question Banks Help Them With Preparing Tests.
The Question Bank Helps Students By Keeping Them Alert And Attentive. Questions Are The Best Way To Evaluate If They Have Understood The Lessons And Concepts Or Not.

1. Revision Tour Python
2. Functions
3. Recursive Functions
4. String and Math Functions
5. File Handling
6. Modules and Packages
7. Efficiency and Complexities 
8. Data Structure
9. Data visualization
10. Computer Networks
11. Cloud and IoT
12. Basic Networking Tools
13. Django
14. Interfacing Python with MYSQL
15. SQL Function
16. Society Law and Ethics
Model Question Paper 1
Model Question Paper 2
Practical File Questions
Case Study 1: How to create date conversion utility.
Case Study 2: How to create a package and use it.
Ashish Bhargava is passionate about learning. He has 18+ years of experience in the IT and Education sectors. He has worked with esteemed organizations like Microsoft and HCL Technologies. His area of work includes training, product development, software development, Test Automation, Performance Testing. His areas of interest are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Python, Algorithms and the Internet of Things. He has authored books that have been helpful for professionals and students.

Gurpreet Kaur is a passionate educator who has a vast experience of over 22+ years in the field of Education and Information Technology. Her work includes teaching Computer Science, Informatics Practices, formulating and implementing the IT curriculum at all levels, training the computer science teachers. She loves integrating multiple teaching styles to intensify the range of learning for her trainees. She has authored several books in the field of Information Technology for various educational organizations like the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT), PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE) and some private publishers.

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