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Computer Organization & Architecture By Satish Jain

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The book covers the entire syllabus of B.E. (Computer Engineering and andComputer Science & Engineering) Semester III course issued by Gujarat Technological University (GTU) in clear and simple language.This book describes Register transfer language, Microoperations, Basic Computer Organization and design in easy to understand language. CPU Organization and Arithmetic algorithms are explained in such a manner, that the students can easily understand it.Assembly Language Programs are explained with many examples. It also covers an Introduction to Parallel, Vector and Array Processing. These are used as advanced methods in super computers.Features:·and Concepts of Microoperations are given with suitable examples.·and Different kinds of interrupts are illustrated for easy grasp of the subject matter. A set of review questions with answers are added at the end of each chapter. Objective, Summary, and Keywords related to particular chapter are also given. Previous year’s question papers are included at the end of this book. Contents:Chapter 1: Overview of Register Transfer and Microoperations.Chapter 2: Basic Computer Organization and Design.Chapter 3: Programming the Basic Computer.Chapter 4. Microprogrammed Control.Chapter 5: Central Processing Unit.Chapter 6. Pipeline and Vector Processing.Chapter 7. Computer Arithmetic.IndexQuestion Papers