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Computer Graphics (An Object Oriented Approach) By Cornel Pokorny

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This book is intended to give users of graphics software the principles behind the art and science. It is ideal for use as a core text book in an upper-division computer science course, or as a reference book for a computer professional. The reader is assumed to have a working knowledge of both college-level mathematics and a high-level programming language. For those whose math backgrounds may need refreshing. There is a tutorial (in the appendix?) covering vectors and matrices. An object-oriented approach is used throughout the book.Examples are implemented in C++ source code,provided on diskette. The students can build upon these examples by modifying the source code,which includes a very powerful object-oriented ray tracer.   Table of Contents Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Straight Lines and Polygons Chapter 3. Circles and Ellipes Chapter 4. Windowing and Clipping Chapter 5   Three-Dimensional Techniquess Chapter 6. Parametric Curves Chapter 7. Parametric Surfaces and the Oslo Algorithm Chapter 8. Light and Color Chapter 9. Fractals Chapter 10. Hidden Lines and Surfaces :Depth Sorting Methods Chapter 11. Hidden Lines and Surfaces: Screen Subdivision and Depth Buffer Methods Chapter 12. Hidden Lines and Surfaces: Special Cases Chapter 13. Shading Methods Chapter 14. Ray Casting Chapter 15. Ray Tracing Chapter 16. Texturing Chapter 17. Animating Chapter 18. Priciples of Interaction and Graphics Standards