C Pearls

Yashavant Kanetkar

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ISBN: 9788170298595
Authors: Yashavant Kanetkar
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 1993
Pages: 291
Dimension: 22 X 15 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

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To generate a new idea one has to see a lot of good ideas. C Pearls consists about 50 of them. Learning features of C in isolated forms is one thing, putting all these features together to come out with something worthwhile is a totally different cup of tea. In this book you would find a lot of solid workable code which would help you appreciate why C enjoys its place in the sun. Here you would find code which would help you implement ideas like.

  • Freehand Drawing with Mouse.
  • Data Compression.
  • Formatting a Disk.
  • Using Expanded Memory.
  • Loading Installable Fonts.
  • Function Documentor.
  • Setjmp and Longjmp.
  • Touch, .rm and getopts.
  • Generic Search Routines.
  • Bresenham's Algorithms.
  • Inexact String Comparisons.
  • Background Music.
  • Czmmon Pointer Errors.
  • EXE2BIN Utility.
  • Testing Programs.
  • Redirecting Standard Errors. and many more..
  • Interaction with Mouse
  • Drawing with Mouse
  • Building Mouse Courses
  • More Mouse Courses
  • Freehand Drawing with Mouse
  • Menu Using Mouse
  • How The Format Command Really Works
  • Writing Our Own Format Command
  • Load Installable Fonts
  • More About Installable Fonts
  • A Line Inpput Function
  • Setjmp and Longjmp
  • Advanced Command Line Processing
  • Debugging Using Command Line Switch
  • Allocating Multiple Char Arrays
  • The Touch Utility
  • A Generic Search Routine
  • rm Unix Style
  • Bresenham's Line Drawing Algorithm
  • Bresenham's Circle Drawing Algorithm
  • The Fractal Magic
  • Fractle Trees
  • Inexact String Comparisons
  • Redirecting Standard Errors
  • Changing Border Colours
  • Modifyinng Search Path
  • Building Arrays in Expanded Memory
  • Floating Point Formats Not Linked
  • Pointer Errors
  • Getting Input in Graphics Mode
  • Using Floats in ISR's
  • Playing Music
  • Music in Background
  • Printing Graphics
  • Trapping Disk Errors
  • Implementing Complex Number
  • EXE2BIN Utility
  • Variably Dimensioned Arrays
  • Calculating Wasted Bytes on Disk
  • Function Documentor
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Testing Programs
  • The Duff's Device
  • Stripping Comments
  • Building Libraries
  • A Simple Program
  • A Data Entry Function
  • Data Compression
  • A Simple Optimization Tip
  • Another Optimization Tip
  • Nested for Statements
  • Index

Yashavant Kanetkar

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