C internals for coding interviews

C internals for coding interviews

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Book Title C internals for coding interviews
Date Published Sep 28, 2018


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Author- Kamal Rawat/Meenakshi

Interviewers expect us to think from the creators' point of view of a programming language and not as users of the technology. Java does not have pointers, but a Java programmer should also know about memory leaks and dangling pointers, because interviewer may be interested in knowing how will you create your own Garbage Collector.

Coding in a high-level language comes with some overhead of writing extra code to define a class and, complicated function. When you are writing code with the pen in a time-critical interview, C language comes in handy.

Even when I was working on Android and coding in Java, I preferred C language to code the interview questions in my Microsoft interview.

Memory model of C is much simpler and we can easily run-thru the code without getting into the complexity of template libraries and threads.

One more reason why many use C language in interviews is to avoid any miscommunication with the interviewer. If an interviewer is a person with knowledge in Java and you are coding in C#, it may take him some time to get to the language syntaxes. C is a language that is known to almost every programmer, making it a common language of technical communication in interviews.

This book is not a tutorial guide for absolute non-programmers. You must have written a few simple programs to better comprehend it. We believe, students and professionals will read it multiple time to get an

insight into language internals and write error-free codes.