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Basic Electronics Theory and Practice By Mercury Learning

Rs. 216.00

Designed for both the student and hobbyist, this book is an introduction to the theory and practice of electronics including advances in microcontrollers, sensors and wireless communication. Each chapter contains a brief lab to demonstrate the topic covered then moves on to the final part, that combines the knowledge mastered by building a programmable robot (Arduino and Netduino). The companion disc includes videos of the labs. Covering both the theory and its practical application, this text leads the reader through the basic science concepts underling electronics, building basic circuit, learning the roles of the components, the application of digital theory and the possibilities for innovation by combining sensors, motors and microcontrollers. The book includes appendices on mathematics for electronics, a timeline of electronics innovation, careers in electronics, and a glossary

  • Includes a Companion disc with eighteen videos tutorials on currents, soldering, power supply, resistors, decoder circuits, and more
  • Leads the reader through an introductory understanding of electronics with simple labs and then progressing to construction of a microcontroller-driven robot using open source software and hardware (Netduino and Arduino versions)
  • Presents theoretical concepts in a conversational tone, followed by hands-on labs to engage readers by presenting practical applications