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Audio Ic Circuits Manual By R.M. Marston

Rs. 89.00

Audio IC Circuits ManualA vast range of audio associated ICs are readily available for use by amateur and professional design engineers and technicians. This manual is a guide to the most popular and useful of these devices.with over 240 diagrams.It deals with ICs such as low frequency linear amplifiers,dual pre-amplifiers, audio power amplifiers,charge coupled device delay lines,bar-graph display drivers, and power supply regulators,and show how to use these devices in circuits ranging from signal conditioners and filters to complex graphic equalizers,stereo amplifiers systems and echo/reverb delay line systems ,etc.This is fourth title by R.M .Marston in a new series of practical circuits manuals from Heinemann Newnes. They deal with their subjects in an easy-to-read and non-mathematical manner ,presenting the reader with many practical applications and circuits.They are specifically written for the practical design engineer ,technician ,and the experimenter,as well asandthe electronics student and amateur .Most of the ICs and other devices used in the practical circuits are modestly priced and readily available types,with universally recognized type numbers