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Agile Project Management By J. Ross

Rs. 360.00

Author: J. Ross


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: BPB Publications
  • ISBN: 9789386551504
  • Edition: 2017
  • Pages: 360
  • Dimension: 23 X 15 X 2 cm


Agile Project Management is for experienced project managers, system engineers, architects , and business analysis who are comfortable in traditional methods of project management, but now need to understand how to make agile work effectively in the enterprise. This book presents practical, day to day tips and application advice for how to harmonize agile methods with mainstream project processes and how to integrate these practices with other methodologies used in the business.

  • Details most of the popular agile and iterative methodologies for project management, such as Scrum, XP, Crystal and EVO
  • Explains how to scale agile methods for enterprise projects and provides guidance on how to build a business case and track post project benefits 
  • Describes how earned value can work with untraditional methods
  • Shows the means to contract and outsource with agile methods

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: A Quick Read 

Chapter 2 : The Agile Business Case

Chapter 3 : Quality in the Agile Space

Chapter 4 : Managing Test

Chapter 5 : Developing the Scope and Requirements

Chapter 6 : Planning Cost and Schedule

Chapter 7 : Estimating Cost and Schedule

Chapter 8 : Teams Are Everything

Chapter 9 : Governance 

Chapter 10 : Earning Value

Chapter 11 : Scaling Up and Contracting

Chapter 12 : Benefit Realization

 Appendix I: Methodologies

Appendix II : Glossary