Python Data Persistence [ eBook ]

Malhar Lathkar

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eBook ISBN: 9789388176170
Authors:̴Ì_Malhar Lathkar
Publishing Date:̴Ì_January 2019
Pages: 310

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Python is becoming increasingly popular among data scientists. However, analysis and visualization tools need to interact with the data stored in various formats such as relational and NoSQL databases.
This book aims to make the reader proficient in interacting with databases such as MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and Cassandra.
This book assumes that the reader has no prior knowledge of programming. Hence, basic programming concepts, key concepts of OOP, serialization, and data persistence have been explained in such a way that it is easy to understand. NoSQL is an emerging technology. Using MongoDB and Cassandra, the two widely used NoSQL databases are explained in detail.

The know-how of handling databases using Python will certainly be helpful for readers pursuing a career in Data Science. 

Designed to provide an insight into the SQL and MySQL database concepts using python.

Key Features
·       A practical approach
·       Ample code examples
·       A Quick Start Guide to Python for beginners 

What Will You Learn
·       Python basics and programming fundamentals
·       Serialization libraries pickle, CSV, JSON, and XML
·       DB-API and, SQLAlchemy
·       Python with Excel documents
·       Python with MongoDB and Cassandra 

Who This Book is For
Students and professionals who want to become proficient at database tools for a successful career in data science.

1.     Getting Started
2.     Program Flow Control
3.     Structured Python
4.     Python – OOP
5.     File IO
6.     Object Serialisation
7.     RDBMS Concepts
8.     Python DB-API
9.     Python – SQLAlchemy
10.   Python and Excel
11.   Python – PyMongo
12.   Python – Cassandra

Appendix A: Alternate Python Implementations
Appendix B: Alternate Python Distributions
Appendix C: Built-in Functions
Appendix D: Built-in Modules
Appendix E: Magic Methods
Appendix F: SQLite Dot Commands
Appendix G: ANSI SQL Statements
Appendix H: PyMongo API Methods
Appendix I: Cassandra CQL Shell Commands

Malhar Lathkar is an Independent software professional / Programming technologies trainer/E-Learning Subject matter Expert. He is Director, Institute of Programming Language Studies, Rama Computers, Nanded Maharashtra. 

He has academic and industry experience of 33 years. His expertise is in Java, Python, C#, IoT, PHP, databases.

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