Up and Running Google AutoML and AI Platform [ eBook ]

Navin Sabharwal, Amit Agrawal

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eBook ISBN: 9789389845938
Authors: Navin Sabharwal, Amit Agrawal
Publishing Date: November 2020
Pages: 178

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Google AutoML and AI Platform provide an innovative way to build an AI-based system with less effort. In this book, you will learn about the basic concepts of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. You will also learn about the Google AI services such as AutoML, AI Platform, and Tensorflow, Google’s deep learning library, along with some practical examples using these services in real-life scenarios. You will also learn how the AutoML Natural Language service and AI Platform can be used to build NLP and Machine Learning models and how their features can be released as REST APIs for other applications. In this book, you will also learn the usage of Google’s BigQuery, DataPrep, and DataProc for building an end-to-end machine learning pipeline.

This book will give you an in-depth knowledge of Google AutoML and AI Platform by implementing real-life examples such as the Issue Categorization System, Sentiment Analysis, and Loan Default Prediction System. This book is relevant to the developers, cloud enthusiasts, and cloud architects at the beginner and intermediate levels.


A step-by-step guide to build machine learning and NLP models using Google AutoML

Key Features

  • Understand the basic concepts of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Understand the basic concepts of Google AutoML, AI Platform, and Tensorflow
  • Explore the Google AutoML Natural Language service
  • Understand how to implement NLP models like Issue Categorization Systems using AutoML
  • Understand how to release the features of AutoML models as REST APIs for other applications
  • Understand how to implement the NLP models using the Google AI Platform

What Will You Learn

By the end of this book, you will learn how Google AutoML, AI Platform, BigQuery, DataPrep, and Dapaproc can be used to build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline. You will also learn how different types of AI problems can be solved using these Google AI services. A step-by-step implementation of some common NLP problems such as the Issue Categorization System and Sentiment Analysis System that provide you with hands-on experience in building complex AI-based systems by easily leveraging the GCP AI services.

Who is This Book For

This book is for machine learning engineers, NLP users, and data professionals who want to develop and streamline their ML models and put them into production using Google AI services. Prior knowledge of python programming and the basics of machine learning would be preferred.

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  2. Introducing the Google Cloud Platform
  3. AutoML Natural Language
  4. Google AI Platform
  5. Google Data Analysis, Preparation, and Processing Services

Navin Sabharwal: Navin is an innovator, leader, author, and consultant in AI and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Software Product Development, Engineering, and R&D. He has authored books on technologies such as GCP, AWS, Azure, AI and Machine Learning systems, IBM Watson, chef, GKE, Containers, and Microservices. He is reachable at Navinsabharwal@gmail.com.

Navin Sabharwal https://in.linkedin.com/in/navinsabharwal

Amit Agrawal: Amit holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MNNIT (Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad), one of the premier institutes of Engineering in India. He is working as a principal Data Scientist and researcher, delivering solutions in the fields of AI and Machine Learning. He is responsible for designing end-to-end solutions and architecture for enterprise products. He is reachable at agrawal.amit24@gmail.com. 

Amit Agrawal https://www.linkedin.com/in/amit-agrawal-30383425

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