Web Technologies

Dr. Shruti Kohli

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ISBN: 9788183335751
Authors: Dr. Shruti Kohli
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: December 2015
Pages: 422
Dimension: 23 X 15 X 2.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback
The book is written in an extremely simple and lucid language with ample examples and diagrams. Each chapter contains step-by-step sequential explanation followed by technical advice, has a complete question bank of question ranging from multiple choice to short and long questions. Questions from previous year paper have been also discussed in the chapters.

Demystify various Web Technologies

Key Features
  • It’s a journey from Web 1 to Web 3
  • Balanced coverage of content for various range of web technologies
  • Enhanced exposure through programming examples
  • Good repository of questions
  • Balanced use of examples and diagrams
What will you learn
Book provides a broad picture of Web Technologies giving students enough knowledge to choose the topic of interest and move ahead in attaining professional skill in that technology.

Who this book is for
This book designed as a text for students of Computer Science (graduate and post-graduate level) as well as for IT professionals.
  1. Introduction to Web Technology
  2. An Introduction to Web Designing
  3. DHTML
  4. XML
  5. Introduction to JavaScript
  6. An Introduction of PHP
  7. Introduction to ASP & JSP
  8. Electronic Commerce
  9. Adobe Photoshop
  10. Adobe Flash
Dr. Shruti Kohli was born in New Delhi, India. she is standing on a strong foundation of rich qualifications, triple masters in Operations Research/ Computer Applications from India's leading Universities and Doctorate (PhD) in technology (Computer Science). In her professional career, she has a blend of academics and corporate experiences, which makes a solid combination to visualize things differently. Especially on academics’ side, she has overall rich experience of more than over decade working in various universities (BIT, UP TECH, IP University etc.), presently she teaches graduate/post-graduate students at Birla Institute of Technology, Deemed university in India.

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