Python In - Depth

Ahidjo Ayeva, Kamon Ayeva, Aiman Saed

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ISBN: 9789389328424
eISBN: 9789389328431
Authors: Ahidjo Ayeva, Kamon Ayeva, Aiman Saed
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: October 2020
Pages: 364
Book Type: Paperback

“Python In-Depth” gives you a detailed presentation of the possibilities for solving everyday problems, even complex ones using Python.

You will begin by setting up Python in your system and then learn about the fundamentals of Python so that you have a rock-solid foundation to build upon. You will explore the foundations of Python programming, such as the built-in data types, functions, objects and classes, files, etc. 

You will then explore the different programming paradigms such as OOP, Functional, and Concurrent, and find the best approach given a situation. You will also learn how to utilize an interchange format to exchange data and understand how to carry out performance optimization, effective debugging, and security, among other techniques. Towards the end, you will enjoy two chapters dedicated to two domains where Python usage is currently very strong: Data Science and Web Development.


Build it with Python, the popular and batteries-included programming tool

Key Features

  • Get familiar with the fundamentals of Python.

  • Understand the OOP paradigm and learn to write your custom object classes.

  • Explore tools and techniques to measure code execution for Performance Optimization.

  • Understand how Python is used in the main Cryptographic mechanisms. 

What Will You Learn

  • Learn how to improve your Python Code Quality.

  • Explore the techniques and frameworks for Python GUI Programming.

  • Solve Data Science and Machine Learning problems using Python.

  • Get familiar with Python web frameworks; Django and Flask. 

Who This Book is For

This book is for anyone who is new to Software Development and wants to learn Python. Existing Python users can also use this book for a quick reference for the fundamentals and the features introduced in Python 3.7.

  1. Getting Started with Python
  2. Program Flow and Error Handling
  3. Functions, Modules, and Functional Programming
  4. Useful Modules and Libraries
  5. Object Orientation
  6. Decorators and Iterators
  7. Files and Data Persistence
  8. Context Managers
  9. Performance Optimization
  10. Cryptography
  11. Concurrent Execution
  12. Logging and Debugging
  13. Code Style and Quality Assurance
  14. Code Packaging and Dependencies
  15. GUI Programming
  16. Web Development
  17. Data Science

Ahidjo Ayeva is a computer scientist based in Hamburg (Germany). He has got several years of experience in the development of software applications as a Full-stack developer in Java and Python. His interests focus on data analysis, process automation, and IoT. Since June 2018, he is also qualified as an SAP Business Intelligence consultant.

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Kamon Ayeva is a Python Developer / DevOps Engineer based in France. He has been working with Open Source tools from the Python world and beyond for projects he has been involved with since 2000, mainly web development frameworks such as Zope, Plone CMS, Django, and Flask, and Data Analytics tools. Via his company, Content Gardening Studio, he spends most of his time helping projects, using Python.

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Aiman Saed is a Computer Science graduate working full time as a developer. He has a keen interest in nascent technologies and loves to write blogs and talk about its use cases. He thinks anyone and everyone must know how a program works and wants to spread the knowledge he explores to the community. He wrote his first line of code in his early teen, and he believes he should've started much earlier.

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