Python 3 Image Processing

Ashwin Pajankar

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ISBN: 9789388511728
eISBN: 9789389328110
Authors: Ashwin Pajankar
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2019
Pages: 185
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Dimension: 23x15x1cm
Book Type: Paperback

The book has been written in such a way that the concepts are explained in detail, giving adequate emphasis on code examples. To make the topics more comprehensive, screenshots and code samples are furnished extensively throughout the book. The book is conceptualized and written in such a way that the beginner readers will find it very easy to understand the concepts and implement the programs.

The book also features the most current version of Raspberry Pi and associated software with it. This book teaches novice beginners how to write interesting image processing programs with scientific Python ecosystem. The book will also be helpful to experienced professionals to make transition to rewarding careers in scientific Python and computer vision. 


Gain a working knowledge of practical image processing and with scikit-image.


  • Comprehensive coverage of various aspects of scientific Python and concepts in image processing.
  • Covers various additional topics such as Raspberry Pi, conda package manager, and Anaconda distribution of Python.
  • Simple language, crystal clear approach, and straight forward comprehensible presentation of concepts followed by code examples and output screenshots.
  • Adopting user-friendly style for explanation of code examples.


  • Raspberry Pi, Python 3 Basics
  • Scientific Python Ecosystem
  • NumPy and Matplotlib
  • Visualization with Matplotlib
  •  Basic NumPy, Advanced Image Processing with NumPy and Matplotlib
  • Getting started with scikit-image
  • Thresholding, Histogram Equalization, and Transformations
  • Kernels, Convolution, and Filters
  • Morphological Operations and Image Restoration
  • Noise Removal and Edge Detection
  • Advanced Image Processing Operations


  • Students pursuing BE/BSc/ME/MSc/BTech/MTech in Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, and Mathematics
  • Python enthusiasts
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing professionals
  • Anyone fond of tinkering with Raspberry Pi
  • Researchers in Computer Vision    

    1. Concepts in Image Processing
    2. Installing Python 3 on Windows
    3. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
    4. Python 3 Basics
    5. Introduction to the Scientific Python Ecosystem
    6. Introduction to NumPy and Matplotlib
    7. Visualization with Matplotlib
    8. Basic Image Processing with NumPy and Matplotlib
    9. Advanced Image Processing with NumPy and Matplotlib
    10. Getting Started with Scikit-Image
    11. Thresholding, Histogram Equalization, and Transformations
    12. Kernels, Convolution, and Filters
    13. Morphological Operations and Image Restoration
    14. Noise Removal and Edge Detection
    15. Advanced Image Processing Operations
    16. Wrapping Up

    Ashwin Pajankar is a polymath. He has more than two decades of programming experience. He is a Science Popularizer, a Programmer, a Maker, an Author, and a Youtuber. He is passionate about STEM (Science-Technology-Education-Mathematics) education. He is also a freelance software developer and technology trainer. He graduated from IIIT Hyderabad with M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. He has worked in a few multinational corporations including Cisco Systems and Cognizant for more than a decade.

    Ashwin is also an online trainer with various eLearning platforms like BPBOnline, Udemy, and Skillshare. In his free time, he consults on the topics of Python programming and data science to the local software companies in the city of Nasik. He is actively involved in various social initiatives and has won many accolades during his student life and at his past workplaces.

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