Oracle 19c AutoUpgrade Best Practices

Sambaiah Sammeta, Sukumar Chillakuru

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Authors: Sambaiah Sammeta, Sukumar Chillakuru
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: November2021
Pages: 446
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Master Oracle’s AutoUpgrade tool effectively to upgrade Oracle databases from lower versions to 19c.


  • In-depth practical demonstration of Oracle database upgrades with various real-time scenarios.
  • Step-by-step illustration of each Oracle database upgrade and downgrade method.
  • Fastest ever multiple Oracle databases upgrade.


'Oracle 19c AutoUpgrade Best Practices' is a simple cookbook for database professionals to upgrade from lower versions to 19c or downgrade from 19c to lower versions

This book is dedicated solely to demonstrate upgrading Oracle Databases to 19c by using AutoUpgrade tool. It has a very good explanation about different AutoUpgrade processing modes (Analyze, Fixup, Deploy, and Upgrade) and various stages that the AutoUpgrade job runs while performing database upgrade. Multiple chapters in this book covers various scenarios with detailed steps for upgrading Oracle database from versions 11g/12c/18c to version 19c and Downgrading from 19c to 11g/12c/18c.

By the end of this book, every Oracle DBA can gain real-time experience and become a master in upgrading and downgrading oracle databases (Standalone, RAC, Standby) using AutoUpgrade Utility.


  • Learn to use the Oracle database upgrade tool AutoUpgrade for various DB challenges.
  • Understand how to convert a non-container database to a 19c pluggable database.
  • Get to know how to upgrade multiple databases of different versions to 19c in a single operation.


This book is intended for Oracle DBA students, Database administrators, Database Architects and anyone else who want to improve their database upgrade or downgrade skills in a concise and understandable manner.

  1. Introduction to DB Upgrades
  2. Upgrading Oracle Database from to 19.9.0 Using dbupgrade (Manual)
  3. Upgrading Oracle Database from to 19.9.0 (Using AutoUpgrade)
  4. Upgrading and Converting 12c non-CDB as 19c PDB
  5. Upgrading Oracle Multitenant Database from 12c/18c to 19c
  6. Upgrading and Converting 12c non-CDB as 19c PDB (using AutoUpgrade)
  7. Upgrading Multiple Database Versions (11g/12c/18c) to 19c Using the Single AutoUpgrade Command

Sambaiah Sammeta is an Oracle Certified Professional with 15+ years of experience working as an Oracle database administrator consultant. He provided DBA support for various clients, including clients in the banking sector, retail, health care services, automobile sector, and financial services. He is an Oracle cloud certified architect professional (2020 and 2019), Oracle autonomous database cloud certified, and Oracle database cloud certified specialist (2020). He planned and performed all the 11g to 19c and 12c to 19c database upgrades in a few of the major banking and health care sectors.

LinkedIn Profile: Sambaiah Sammeta

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Sukumar Chillakuru is a DBA by profession with 14+ years of experience. He is currently working as a database architect at Infolob Solutions India Pvt Ltd. Chennai. He worked in reputed IT firms like Oracle, CTS, Apps Associates, and Megasoft. He is an expert in performing Oracle Database Upgrades and Migrations. He is an Oracle certified professional in Oracle database, Autonomous database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional, and Oracle Goldengate Certified Specialist.

He developed his passion for technical writing and grabbed the opportunity to work with Oracle University as an author and co-author of 5 different courses on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database.  

Linkedin Profile: Sukumar Chillakuru

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