Learn IoT Programming Using Node-RED

Bernardo Ronquillo Japón

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ISBN: 9789391392383
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Authors: Bernardo Ronquillo Japón
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2022
Pages: 242
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Book Type: Paperback

Program edge devices by learning low-code programming and essentials of IoT systems.


  • In-depth practical demonstration of the IoT architecture with numerous examples.
  • Includes graphical illustrations and uses of popular full-stack tools.
  • Access to hardware components and software packages to build powerful IoT systems.


Learn IoT Programming with Node-RED is an excellent source of practical knowledge for developing a successful Internet of Things system, starting with the very first step of programming a Raspberry Pi, and using numerous open-source software development tools.

To begin, the book will provide you with a practical experience of visual programming, fundamentals of Node-RED, and the architecture of an Internet of Things system. The book covers data collecting capabilities and the development of real-time streaming functionalities. The book describes how to set up an Internet of Things infrastructure, manage software development, and integrate physical devices. The book provides IoT projects based on temperature and humidity data recorded as time series. It teaches you how to design the software using a simulated model of the hardware and use the same code to execute it in the actual hardware. Node-RED, Pusher, InfluxDB, and Grafana are some of the professional tools you will learn in this book.

After reading the book, you will gain the knowledge to create your own applications that will be connected to the physical environment by means of a range of sensors.


  • Create IoT systems with NodeRED visual programming.
  • Learn to transfer data from IoT devices to machines for analysis using Pusher, a free platform.
  • Store time-series data streams to InfluxDB.
  • Use NodeRED to process data and execute statistical calculations on the remote machine.
  • Create user-friendly Grafana dashboards for environmental monitoring.


IoT engineers, roboticists, and embedded system programmers who are interested in learning low-code development and programming hardware devices may benefit from this book. Prior knowledge of Linux and Raspberry Pi may be helpful.

  1. Introduction to IoT Applications and Their Software Architecture
  2. Getting Started with NodeRED
  3. Data Acquisition and Real-time Streaming
  4. Real-time Data Processing with NodeRED
  5. Storing and Graphing Data Streams with InfluxDB and Grafana
  6. The IoT Hardware Package
  7. The IoT Software Package

Bernardo Ronquillo Japón is an industrial engineer with more than 25 years of experience, an expert in Robotics and IoT, and a writer of technical books as well as a blogger of technology articles. Along with his professional career, he has been involved in a wide variety of sectors: astrophysics, industry, aerospace, and currently biotechnology. At present, he is working as a Principal Software Architect in Universal Diagnostics, S.L. 

LinkedIn Profile: Bernardo Ronquillo Japón

Blog Link: http://brjapon.medium.com 

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