Java Professional Interview Guide

Mandar Maheshwar Jog

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ISBN: 9789391030056
eISBN: 9789391030131
Authors: Mandar Maheshwar Jog
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: August 2021
Pages: 386
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Book Type: Paperback

An Ultimate Solution to Crack Java interview


  • Start identifying responses for various interviews for  Java architecture.
  • Solutions to real Java scenarios and applications across the industry.
  • Understand the various perspectives of Java concepts from the interviewer's point of view.


Java Professional Interview Guide aims at helping engineers who want to work in Java.

The book covers nearly every aspect of Java, right from the fundamentals of core Java to advanced features such as lambdas and functional programming. Each concept's topics begin with an overview, followed by a discussion of the interview questions. Additionally, the book discusses the frameworks, Hibernate and Spring. The questions included in each topic will undoubtedly help you feel more confident during the technical interview, which will increase your chances of being selected. You will gain an understanding of both the interviewer and the interviewee's psychology. This book will help you build a solid foundation of Java, the Java architecture, and how to answer questions about Java's internal operations. You will begin to experience interview questions that cover all of Java's major concepts, from object orientation to collections. You will be able to investigate how objects are constructed and what the fundamental properties of OOPs are. Additionally, you will learn how to handle exceptions and work with files and collections.

We'll cover advanced topics like functional programming and design patterns in the final chapters. The section also covers questions on Java web application development. Finally, you will be able to learn how to answer questions using industry-standard frameworks like Spring and Hibernate.


  • How to prepare before an actual technical interview?
  • You will learn how to understand an interviewer's mindset.
  • What kind of questions can be asked and how can they be answered?
  • How to deal with cross-examination questions in an interview.
  • How can the interviewer reframe the questions and how can you provide solutions?


This book is intended for both new and experienced candidates preparing for the Java Developer Interview. Although the book provides an overview of all Java and J2EE concepts, prior knowledge of basic Java is required.

  1. The Preparation Beyond Technology
  2. Architecture of Java
  3. Object Orientation in Java
  4. Handling Exception
  5. File Handling
  6. Concurrency
  7. JDBC
  8. Collections
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Functional Programming
  11. Design Patterns
  12. Basics of Web
  13. Spring and Spring Boot
  14. Hibernate

Mandar Jog is a passionate Java trainer and has been conducting training for the last 15+ years. His expertise areas are Java & J2EE-related technologies like Spring, Spring Boot, and Hibernate, etc. Along with training, he is also a freelance author and has written a book entitled ‘Java 9.0 to 13.0’ under BPB Publications. He also works as a technical reviewer for books based on Java. He is also one of the key panelists in many of the organizations that conduct the technical interviews of Java for fresher and experienced candidates.

Along with this, he is also connected with different organizations and institutions for designing the curriculum of computer engineering. He also conducts Train-the-Trainer sessions for many colleges to connect them with cutting-edge technologies.

LinkedIn Profile: Mandar Jog

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