Inter-Service Communication with Go

Dušan Stojanović

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ISBN: 9789355517289
eISBN: 9789355517463
Authors: Dušan Stojanović
Rights: Worldwide
Edition: 2024
Pages: 194
Dimension: 6*9 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

This book will cover different concepts of inter-service communication. They will be demonstrated through the Go programming language, its standard library, and popular third-party packages for concepts.

Begin by understanding basic concepts such as clients, servers, and communication methods. Explore RESTful APIs and HTTP, the backbone of many systems. Learn about protocol buffers and gRPC for efficient data exchange. For asynchronous communication, discover message queuing with RabbitMQ and event-driven patterns with Redis. Lastly, explore event-driven architecture (EDA) and Apache Kafka for implementing this style of communication.

After reading this book, a reader can determine which communication concept is most suitable for the software solution based on software solution requirements. 


  • Understand the core concepts related to inter-service communication.
  • Learn and understand different inter-service communication approaches through practical examples.
  • Recognize the most suitable communication concept for your software solution.


  • Decide which inter-service communication concept is most suitable for a particular software solution.
  • Implement different communication approaches with the Go programming language.
  • Utilize implementations from the Go’s standard library and third-party packages.
  • Use API design best practices.
  • Avoid issues that can arise from the wrong choice of communication concept.


It caters to developers, software engineers, and architects looking to master inter-service communication for their Go projects.

  1. Fundamentals of Inter-Service Communication
  2. RESTful Communication
  3. HTTP
  4. Protocol Buffers
  5. Message Queuing Protocols
  6. Publisher/Subscriber
  7. Event-Driven Architecture
  8. Final Observations


Dušan Stojanović was born on May 27, 1989 in Smederevo, Serbia and raised in Baničina. He attended the University of Belgrade and received a Master’s degree in computer science in 2013. Since then, he has been working in software development, playing central roles in numerous projects, such as user administration, online school platforms, e-commerce solutions, video-streaming platforms, advertising solutions, and AI chat applications as a software engineer.

His first book, Building Server-side and Microservices with Go, was published in 2021. Furthermore, he has published and written several technical articles on microservice development with Go and related topics.

He founded a small start-up company that tries to solve the parking problem in large cities. He lives in Belgrade (Serbia) and is a senior software developer.

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