Hands-on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Volume 3

Nanda Nachimuthu

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ISBN: 9789355510006
eISBN: 9789355510020
Authors: Nanda Nachimuthu
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: February2022
Pages: 180
Dimension: 6*9 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Make Integration simpler and speedy with Enterprise Infrastructure using Anypoint connectors


  • Application connectors and SaaS connectors are described in detail.
  • All programmes (DB, JMS, LDAP) are installed with reference applications and screenshots.
  • Real-time use cases for creating APIs and application flows are described.


Hands-on MuleSoft Anypoint platform Volume 3 offers installation and step-by-step procedures for connecting to various core applications, including "Database, File, SOAP, Email, Virtual Machine, JMS, AMQP, SFTP, LDAP, Java, and ObjectStore." The above connectors' source code and graphics clearly explains how to include modules, configure connectors, test connectivity, and invoke operations.

This book explains the business case and endpoint design through the use of a real-world bank application. Using real-world examples such as Workday and Box, you will get well-versed with the fundamental concepts about the connectors.

Practicing all of the above activities will help you to gain the experience, but you can also sharpen your skills by incorporating more business principles and procedures.


  • Acquire knowledge of various connectors for mission-critical enterprise applications and databases
  • Learn system application settings, components, including database, SOAP web services and much more
  • Learn about Netbeans, ApacheMQ, and WSDL as you integrate the system infrastructure.
  • Use-cases and examples to aid in the adoption of the MuleSoft enterprise application.


This book is intended for Business Analysts, Quality Engineers, Human Resources, and Information Technology workers. No prior programming knowledge is required.

  1. MuleSoft Connectors Introduction
  2. Database Connector 
  3. File Connector
  4. SOAP Webservice Connector     
  5. E-mail Connector  
  6. VM Connector
  7. JMS connector
  8. AMQP Connector
  9. Script Engine Connector
  10. SFTP Connector
  11. LDAP Connector
  12. Java Connector
  13. Object Store

Nanda Nachimuthu is an Engineering graduate from Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, and Tamilnadu and has done Advanced Diploma from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in the field of Java and Internet Computing. He has also completed an Advanced Diploma from Indian Institute of International Trading, Delhi which specializes in Strategies for International Business. Also he is a WHRPC honorary Doctorate award in Computer Science field.

His 25 years of experience comes from various domains like Banking, Healthcare, Government and Airlines. He is into technologies like Java, Big Data, Cloud, ESB, Security and IoT.

He played various roles like Technical Architect, Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect and Enterprise Integration Architect and wanted to be in an Individual Contributor role always with hands-on coding experience.

He is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Pro Bono consultations in multiple fields like Information Technology, Manufacturing, Trading, Agriculture and Internet of Things.

He is the founder of some social platforms, and he owns a few trademarks under his kitty.

Presently he is focusing on Integration Technology Platforms like MuleSoft, where he finds lots of scope in the future for Digital Marketing and Machine to Machine Communications.

LinkedIn Profile: Nanda Nachimuthu

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