Google Cloud Platform All-In-One Guide

Praveen Kukreti

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ISBN: 9789355513328
eISBN: 9789355513335
Authors: Praveen Kukreti
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 16th Jan 2023
Pages: 260
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Book Type: Paperback

Explore the Essential Concepts, Tools, and Services in GCP


  • Build a solid foundation of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Work with different AI and Machine Learning services offered by Google Cloud.
  • Learn how to use Google cloud services to build scalable apps.


Google Cloud platform has a suite of cloud computing services for developing and maintaining software. It includes products like Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Container Engine. With so much to offer, we will learn how to manage services running on Google Cloud.

‘Google Cloud Platform All-In-One Guide’ is primarily for everyone who wants to get familiar with the comprehensive list of services in GCP. You will work with various cloud-based services in computing, storage, database, and networking domains. You will understand how Big Data services can be used for developing end-to-end ETL/ELT pipelines. Lastly, you will explore various APIs available in Google cloud. The book ends with a chapter on best practices that will help you maximize resource utilization and cost optimization. 

By the end of the book, you will be able to design, develop, and deploy apps in GCP.


  • Explore and work with security and monitoring services in Google Cloud.
  • Learn how to build an ETL Pipeline in the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Build and deploy code-based custom models using Vertex AI and Jupyter notebook.
  • Learn how to create workflows using GCP services.
  • Get an overview of best practices for securely deploying your workloads on Google Cloud.


This book is for everyone new to cloud computing or Google cloud. Cloud professionals who are looking to migrate their services to the Google cloud platform will find this book helpful.

  1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  2. Compute in Google Cloud
  3. Storage in Google Cloud
  4. Database Services in Google Cloud
  5. Networking in Google Cloud
  6. Security and Monitoring Services in Google Cloud
  7. Big Data in Google Cloud
  8. AI/ML in Google Cloud
  9. Orchestration Services in GCP
  10. Migration Services in GCP
  11. Best Practices
  12. Bonus Chapter
  13. Use Cases


Praveen Kukreti is Technology Leader who is presently working as a Technology consulting manager in a reputed firm. He has a total of 15+ years of rich experience in the IT industry, spanning across Data center, Solution Architecture, Cloud, Presales and Technology consulting. Praveen has been instrumental in providing solutions across various engagements, focused around On-Prem and Google Cloud Platform. He is very passionate about learning new technologies and keeps himself updated on various advancements in the IT industry. In his free time Praveen likes reading, writing and traveling.

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