ASP.NET Core for Jobseekers

Kemal Birer

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Authors: Kemal Birer
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Publishing Date:December2021
Pages: 348
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Learn to develop secure, optimized, well-designed web applications in ASP.NET Core and get ready for job interviews.


  • Simplified demonstration of ASP.NET Core UI and service development, with expert-led implementation.
  • In-depth coverage on async programming, application security, and performance optimization.
  • Interview guide with extensive questions based on concepts and techniques around application development.


ASP.NET Core for JobSeekers is a practical resource for application developers and web developers who want to advance their careers. This book teaches you how to use ASP.NET Core to create web applications without a prior understanding of web application development.

We develop our first web application and demonstrate how to execute, debug, and deploy them using ASP.NET Core. We'll start by creating our first web pages with the Razor and then create a simple phonebook application. Next, you will be exposed to the MVC design pattern and explore the simplicity of developing web pages using Razor. Moving on,  you learn to construct and consume restful services with ASP.NET Core. Concepts and techniques include async/await pattern, middlewares, programming a pipeline, redirecting requests, and intercepting requests and responses. This book also houses dependency injection techniques, action filters, accessing data using Entity Framework Core, and proven approaches for creating databases.

Toward the end, you'll learn about some of the most important components, such as improving performance, choosing the right architecture for an application program, and answering a slew of interview questions about ASP.NET Core and application development.


  • Learn to set up the application development environment around ASP.NET Core and other frameworks.
  • Expert tips for debugging and deploying ASP.NET Core projects.
  • Create UI applications with Razor and service APIs.
  • Workaround middleware and filters for programming the ASP.NET Core pipeline.
  • Create asynchronous programming code and configure dependency injection services.


If you're interested in building cross-platform, web, and cloud-native apps, you must learn ASP.NET Core and start building your programs. Readers should have basic knowledge of HTML and C#.

  1. Introduction to ASP.NET Core
  2. Setting Up the Development Environment
  3. Running, Debugging, and Deploying ASP.NET Core Applications
  4. Introduction to HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  5. Developing ASP.NET Core web applications with Razor
  6. Developing Restful services with ASP.NET Core
  7. Async/await pattern and middleware in ASP.NET Core
  8. Dependency injection and action filters in ASP.NET Core
  9. State Management in ASP.NET Core
  10. Introducing Accessing Data with ASP.NET Core
  11. Optimizing ASP.NET Core Applications
  12. Securing ASP.NET Core Applications
  13. Introducing Software Architectures
  14. Landing a job

Kemal Birer was born in 1981. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has been working as a developer in the industry for 15+ years in different domains such as ERP, health care, GIS, e-government.

LinkedIn Profile: Kemal Birer

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