Applied Quantum Computers

Dr. Patanjali Kashyap

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Authors: Dr. Patanjali Kashyap
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Publishing Date: 27th Jan 2023
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Explore the tools and concepts for Quantum Computing


  • Offers a diverse range of perspectives from small businesses to multinational conglomerates on the potential of Quantum computing.
  • Provides fundamental principles of quantum, optical, and DNA computing and artificial intelligence.
  • Collection of hand-picked quantum computing-related frameworks, tools, and utilities for creating new computing spaces.


Quantum Computing is a hardware, software and technical architectural design paradigm that change traditional computing including Boolean logic with quantum laws and principles at the algorithmic and hardware level. Its use cases and applications can be found in artificial intelligence machine learning, metaverse, cryptography and blockchain technology. 

This book will help the readers quickly and accurately to understand quantum computing and related technologies by allowing them to make more informed and intelligent business and technical decisions. This book covers almost every aspect of quantum computing from concepts to algorithms to industrial applications.  In addition, the book discusses practical guidelines and best practices for quantum computers and related technologies such as artificial intelligence, photonic and DNA computing wherever possible and as needed. This book prepares readers for the future and will assist them in dealing with any challenges associated with quantum computers.   

If you're interested in writing code, a quick overview of Q#, a quantum programming language, is included in the book's appendix. Almost every chapter contains some quick answers to frequently asked questions, so you can get what you need right away. At the end of each chapter, a textual summary of the chapter and mind maps is provided for the readers, making it possible for them to obtain an overall impression of the ideas presented in a single moment.


  • Learn the basics of modern computing that includes quantum, optical, and DNA computing, AI and cloud computing.
  • Explore strategies for setting up a development environment for quantum computing implementation.
  • Acquire knowledge of the frameworks and algorithms used in Quantum Computing, such as Deutch, Shor's, and Grover's.
  • Understand the principles and operations of quantum computing.


This book is for anyone who is interested in learning more about quantum computing, the various tools available for its implementation, and seeing how to meet the needs of modern businesses. In addition, those already in artificial intelligence, blockchain, or complex computing will find this book very appealing.

  1. Tools for Imaginations, Innovation, Technologies, and Creativity
  2. Quantum Physics as an Enabler of a Quantum Computer
  3. Mathematics of Quantum Computers: The Fundamentals
  4. From Bits to Qubits to Qubytes
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Associated Technologies: A Review
  6. Quantum Algorithms for Everyone …!!!
  7. Quantum Machine Learning
  8. Quantum Cryptography: The Future of Security
  9. The Architecture of a Quantum Computer
  10. DNA, Quantum and Photonic Computers
  11. Let’s Realize It: Quantum Start-Ups and Giants in Action
  12. The Quantum Strategies
  13. The Human Side of Quantum Computer

Annexure 1: Q# for quantum computation

Annexure 2: Python for Quantum computing

Annexure 3: Miscellaneous topics: reduction in emissions, global warming, fearless leadership and important facts

Annexure 4: References, Notes and Bibliography

Dr Patanjali Kashyap holds a degree in PhD (Physics) and MCA. He is working as a senior leader at a French multinational bank. He deals with high-impact mission-critical financial and innovative new generation technology projects on a day-to-day basis. He has worked with the technology giants like Infosys and Cognizant technology solutions. He is an expert on the agile process, machine learning, big data, Azure cloud, DevOps, Planisware, Azure quantum cloud, and other computing paradigm. He possesses a sound understanding of Microsoft Azure and cognitive computing platforms like Watson and Microsoft cognitive services.

He introduces .net technologies as his first love to his friends and colleagues.

He is vastly experienced in Software development methodologies, application support, and maintenance projects. His view of “everything is linked with the other” reflects in his work. For instance, he has filed a patent on improving and measuring the performance of an individual by using emotional, social and moral intelligence.

Patanjali had published multiple research and white papers on multiple topicsincluding quantum, optical and DNA computers. He is a go-to person for incorporating “positivity and enthusiasm” into enterprises. His fresh way of synthesizing “Indian Vedic philosophies with the western practical management insight for building flawless organizational dynamics” is much appreciated in the corporate circle.

Apart from MCA, Patanjali holds masters in bioinformatics, physics (Radiophysics and electronics), computer science (M.Phil.) and a postgraduate diploma in computer applications.

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