1. Working with Concepts
  2. Using the New Core Language Concepts
  3. Using the New Comparison Concepts
  4. Using the New Iterator Concepts
  5. Using the New Object Concepts
  6. Using the New Callable Concepts 
  7. Const Related Specifiers
  8. Concurrent Processing
  9. Coroutines
  10. Organizing Your Code with Modules
  11. Introduction to Ranges and Views
  12. Range Access and Non-Modifying Sequence Functions for Ranges
  13. Range Algorithms: Sort, Search and More
  14. Range Algorithms: Memory and Modification Functions 
  15. Views and Range Adaptors
  16. Range Factories and Utilities
  17. New Features for Containers
  18. Making it Easier to Code
  19. Making Your Code Cleaner
  20. Making Your Code Safer
  21. Making Your Code Faster and Easier to Debug