1. Introducing Front-End Development with Vue.js
  2. Working in Vue.js Roles
  3. HTML, CSS, and JS/TS for Extra Credit
  4. Understanding the Vue.js Instance
  5. Designing Component-Based UIs and Single Page Applications
  6. Using the Composition API to Manage Component Logic
  7. Creating and Setting Up a Vue.js Application with Vue CLI and Vite
  8. Adding a CSS Framework to the Mix – TailwindCSS, Bootstrap or Foundation
  9. Building User Interfaces with Components
  10. Routing Between Pages with VueRouter
  11. Interacting with the UI Using Events
  12. Building Forms and Handling User Input
  13. Managing State with Pinia and API Communication
  14. Testing Vue.js Applications
  15. Server-Side Rendering with Nuxt.js
  16. Building Multi-tenanted Apps With Quasar
  17. Interview Questions