1. Introduction
  2. Components of a Robotic Platform 
  3. Interfacing of Ti launch Pad with Input/Output Devices 
  4. Interfacing of NodeMCU with Input/Output Devices 
  5. Serial Communication between Ti LaunchPad and NodeMCU 
  6. Robot Control Using the Blynk App
  7. Robot Control Using the Virtual App
  8. Environment Monitoring Robot with BLINK App
  9. Sensory Data Acquisition Robot Using a ThingSpeak Server  
  10. Robot Control with Cayenne App
  11. Robot Control with Local Server and NodeMCU
  12. Robot Control with a Firebase Server
  13. XBee and Wi-Fi Modem Based Robot Control
  14. Fire Fighting Robot
  15. The Internet of Things Robotic Arm
  16. The Smart Orchard with a Robotic Arm Sprinkler
  17. Smart Farming with the IoT
  18. Bibliography