1. Introduction to ChatGPT
  2. History Of Generative Models
  3. Generative AI in Banking and Finance
  4. Regulatory and Legal aspects of Generative AI
  5. Generative AI and ChatGPT for Government Departments
  6. Authenticity AI generated content
  7. ChatGPT Technical Overview: Introduction
  8. Brief of top other NLP models
  9. Historical flow and development of GPT series
  10. API Pricing model and technical limitations of ChatGPT
  11. Customer Journey in ChatGPT free version UI
  12. Use Cases in Modern Era: Introduction
  13. Use case in Content-marketing
  14. Education and e-learning abilities
  15. Use case in Entertainments purposes
  16. Potential of ChatGPT in Coding and Programming
  17. Problem solving abilities (Quantitative)
  18. Problem solving abilities (Qualitative)
  19. Use cases Financial Industry
  20. Use cases in Healthcare Industry
  21. Use cases in E-commerce Industry
  22. Use cases in Hospitality Industry
  23. Problem solving abilities of ChatGPT
  24. How beginner start ChatGPT for problem-solving
  25. ChatGPT for National Cyber Security and TechnoPolicy
  26. Use cases in edtech industry
  27. Potential of ChatGPT in Research work
  28. Potential of ChatGPT in Coding and Programming
  29. Recent advancements that are made in ChatGPT
  30. ChatGPT and the market right now
  31. Generative AI and Chatgpt Help India G20 Summit
  32. GPT- 4
  33. Future scope of ChatGPT