1. Introduction to .NET
  2. Status of the .NET Platform
  3. Cross-platform Applications
  4. The Object-Oriented Programming
  5. Interfaces and Inheritance in C#
  6. Basic Concepts of Design Patterns
  7. Operators, Loops, and Iterations in C#
  8. Error Handling and Exceptions in C#
  9. Using and Understanding LINQ
  10. Unit Tests
  11. New Features in C# 8.0 and 9.0
  12. Building .NET Applications for Linux
  13. Asp.Net Core Web API
  14. Blazor, the Single Page Application of .NET
  15. Desktop, Console, and Mobile Applications
  16. Azure Integration Services
  17. Authentication in Asp.Net Core
  18. Introduction to Entity Framework Core
  19. Good Practices for .NET Applications
  20. Architecture Concepts for .NET Applications
  21. Creating an Enterprise Application in .NET