1. Social Media Marketing for Each Step of the Digital Customer’s Life Cycle
  •   The Digital Customer Life Cycle
  •   Phases and Stages of the Customer Experience Funnel
  1. Digital Ads (Part 1)
  •    Programmatic and Real Time Digital Ad Buying (How Digital Ads Work)
  •    Programmatic Bidding for ADS on Facebook
  •    Setting up A Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign
  •    Facebook Ad Types
  •    Creating Facebook Ad’s Creative and Copy
  •    Ad Reporting and Optimization
  1. Segmentation
  •    Convectional Segmentation
  •    Segmenting Audience with Facebook
  •    Remarketing with Facebook’s Custom Audience
  •    Digital Behavioral Segmentation Using Custom Audience
  •    Creating Buyer Personas
  1. Digital Value and Marketing Message
  •    Unique Digital Value Proposition
  •    Perceived Benefits, Hassel Factor, and Means End Theory for Crafting A Marketing Message
  •    Designing a Unique Digital Value Proposition
  1. Digital Media and Engagement
  •    Paid, Earned, and Owned Media
  •    Social Media Engagement
  1. Content Marketing for Social Engagement and Story Telling
  •    Content Marketing
  •    User-Generated Content
  •    Transmedia Storytelling
  1. Digital Influence Driven Marketing
  •    Digital Influence
  •    Influencer Marketing
  1. UI, UX, CX, and BX for Digital Marketing
  •    Understanding UI, UX, CX and BX
  •    CX and UX for Social Media
  1. Digital Brand Experience and Management
  •    Digital Branding
  •    Brand Promoters and Detractors
  1. Social Listening, Selling, Care, and Crisis
  •    Social Listening
  •    Social Selling
  •    Social Media for Customer Service, Support, and Delight
  •    Setting Up Social Customer Care
  •    Managing a Social Media Crisis
  1. Agile Testing for Social Media
  •    A/B Testing
  •    A/B Testing Facebook Ad Campaigns
  1. Digital Ads (Part 2)
  •    Linkedin Ad Campaigns
  •    Instagram Story Ads
  •    Snapchat Ads
  •    Twitter Ads
  •    Advertising on Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit
  •    GDPR, Budgeting, and Behavioral Psychology
  1. Digital Career Guide
  •    A Repository of Campaign Case Studies
  •    Job Guide
  •    Resume Tips and Linkedin for Jobs
  •    Chapter-wise Interview Questions