1. What is SharePoint
  2. What are WSS and MOSS
  3. How does WSS actually work?
  4. What are site and site collection?
  5. What is the main advantage of using site collection?
  6. What is the use of SQL server in SharePoint?
  7. What is the concept of a virtual path provider?
  8. What is the concept of ghosting and unghosting in SharePoint?
  9. What is the concept of safemodeparser in ASP.NET?
  10. How can I create my first site in SharePoint?
  11. What is Quick Launch menu?
  12. We have heard that we can customize SharePoint sites, how do we do that?
  13. Have we heard it has readymade functional modules for collaboration?
  14. How can we enable these reusable components in my site?
  15. How can we display a simple custom page in SharePoint?
  16. The above page does not look like a standard SharePoint page?
  17. Above code is entirely inline, how can we implement behind code in SharePoint?
  18. What is the concept of features in SharePoint?
  19. Can you explain the broader steps for deploying/ activating a feature?
  20. I want that the feature should only display to admin?
  21. How can we provision page template and page instances?
  22. Why are customized pages parsed using no-compile mode?
  23. What is safe mode processing and Safe Controls?
  24. Can you explain the WSS model?
  25. How can we use custom controls in SharePoint?
  26. How can you view a detailed error in SharePoint?
  27. How can we display ASCX control in SharePoint pages?
  28. What are WebParts and in what ways does it vary in a SharePoint environment?
  29. What are the different life cycle rents that WebPart goes through?
  30. What's the difference between WebParts in WSS 2.0 and 3.0?
  31. Can you explain the six steps we need to create a WebPart in SharePoint?
  32. How can we implement customization and personalization in WebParts?
  33. How can we create a custom editor for WebParts?
  34. SharePoint is about centralizing documents, how similar is to the Windows folder?
  35. Can we add custom fields to our document library documents?
  36. What are content types in SharePoint?
  37. What's the difference between content and custom columns, they do the same thing?
  38. Can you elaborate more on List and Content Types in SharePoint?
  39. Which are the various readymade list types that SharePoint provides currently?
  40. What is Windows Workflow Foundation?
  41. What is a Workflow?
  42. What are the different types of Workflow in Windows Workflow Foundation?
  43. Is SharePoint workflow same as Windows workflow?
  44. What are the various stages of SharePoint workflow life cycle?
  45. What is a three-state workflow in SharePoint?
  46. Does SharePoint only have a three-state workflow?
  47. How can we create a SharePoint workflow using SharePoint designer?
  48. What is Infopath?
  49. In what format is the Infopath form design saved?
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