React is great for building interfaces, and TypeScript adds typing and better tools. React development using TypeScript is a complete guide that combines React and TypeScript to help you become a skilled React developer.

It covers React basics, JSX syntax, and essential JavaScript features. You will learn about component state management with hooks like useState and useEffect, handling user interactions, and using Axios for REST API integration. It includes unit testing with Jest and React Testing Library and explores Redux for state management. Learn optimization strategies and use Next.js for server-side rendering. Bonus content includes React Native for mobile apps and integrating React with GraphQL. This book also covers advanced features like Concurrent Mode, Suspense, and React Server Components.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped to confidently build modern, interactive web applications using React and TypeScript. You will not only understand core React concepts but also have the skills to tackle complex state management with Redux and explore advanced features like server-side rendering with Next.js.


  • Hands-on examples and projects for learning React and TypeScript.
  • Starts with basics and advances to complex topics like Redux and GraphQL.
  • Offers best practices for writing clean and efficient code.
  • Bonus chapters on React Native and future trends.


  • Learn core React concepts and understand the benefits of TypeScript in React development.
  • Grasp fundamental JavaScript concepts like variables, data types, and functions.
  • Integrate React applications with REST APIs using Axios.
  • Build user interfaces with React Native components.
  • Optimize React application performance using memoization and profiling tools.


This book is for junior and senior frontend developers who want to improve their skills. JavaScript developers moving to React, tech enthusiasts interested in modern web development, and students who want practical knowledge.