Mobile devices are vital in our lives, so securing the apps and systems on them is essential. Penetration testing with Kali NetHunter offers a detailed guide to this platform, helping readers perform effective security tests on Android and iOS devices.

This mobile penetration testing guide helps you to find and fix security issues in mobile apps and systems. It covers threats to Android and iOS devices, sets up testing environments, and uses tools like Kali NetHunter. You will learn methods like reconnaissance, static analysis, dynamic analysis, and reverse engineering to spot vulnerabilities. The book discusses common weaknesses in Android and iOS, including ways to bypass security measures. It also teaches testing for mobile web apps and APIs. Advanced users can explore OS and binary exploitation. Lastly, it explains how to report issues and provides hands-on practice with safe apps.

After finishing this book, readers will grasp mobile security testing methods and master Kali NetHunter for mobile penetration tests. Armed with these skills, they can spot vulnerabilities, enhance security, and safeguard mobile apps and devices from potential risks.


  • Learn basic and advanced penetration testing with mobile devices.
  • Learn how to install, utilize, and make the most of Kali NetHunter.
  • Design and follow your cybersecurity career path.


  • Comprehensive coverage of mobile penetration testing.
  • Mobile security skillsets from the basics to advanced topics.
  • Hands-on, practical exercises and walkthroughs.
  • Detailed explanation of Android and iOS device security.
  • Employ advanced mobile network attack techniques.


This book is designed for security and application development teams, IT professionals, mobile developers, cybersecurity enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning about mobile penetration testing for Android and iOS devices. It aims to equip readers with the skills and knowledge needed to strengthen the security of their mobile applications and devices.