This book highlights, in simple language, the hardware, software, security, and administrative technologies readers should know to pass the CompTIA Server+ exam.

This book starts with hardware architectures, and then inspects RAID configurations, SAN/NAS technologies, and maintenance tasks. It will simplify Windows Server, Linux distributions, and macOS Server, from installation to user management and service configuration. This book will also uncomplicate IP addressing, subnetting, VLANs, and virtualization with Hyper-V, VMware, and KVM. Through this book, the readers can implement robust security measures with encryption, access control, intrusion detection/prevention, and disaster recovery strategies. They can use scripts to automate, learn asset management techniques, and implement efficient backup and recovery solutions. This book also makes use of systematic methodologies and tools to diagnose and resolve hardware, software, network, and security issues.

The Server+ certification indicates employers and the world that you have the skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of a network server administrator. 


  • Complete coverage of all Server+ exam objectives.
  • Plain-language and real-world examples.
  • Two complete practice exams.


  • Gain the specific knowledge required to pass the CompTIA Server+ exam. 
  • Learn server administration concepts that apply to all systems.
  • Earn an industry recognized credential for server administrators.
  • Learn the specific duties and responsibilities of network server administrators. 
  • Use practice exams to prepare for the Server+ exam. 


While the CompTIA Server+ certification recommends that candidates have two to four years of hands-on experience, this book is written at a level that allows IT professionals with less experience to gain the knowledge required to pass the exam and become certified.