Beginners in the programming world often wander to get some essential books to learn logic building with the help of algorithms, flowcharts, and minor C/Python language code. Addressing this demand, the book features over 100 solved programming questions thoughtfully arranged in incremental order of difficulty. The main objective of the book is to trigger and nurture logic-building skills among the students.  

The book is structured to introduce concepts gradually, ensuring a smooth learning curve. This guide gets you ready for any programming challenge, starting from simple input/output to tackling complex problem-solving. Learn decision-making with if-else, automate with loops, and understand logic using Python and C examples. Master algorithms, flowcharts, and creative thinking. Apply your skills to real-world problems and turn them into solutions.

This book will help the readers develop a well-rounded skill set covering flowcharts, algorithmic thinking, and practical implementation in both C and Python languages. It will provide a holistic foundation for anyone aspiring to become proficient in coding.


  • The book's step-by-step approach helps students develop logic skills gradually.
  • Learn about flowcharts and algorithms for a clearer understanding of logic.
  • Explore two programming languages to boost confidence and overcome fear of coding.


  • Learn programming comprehensively, from basics to advanced levels.
  • Translate problem-solving methods into systematic flowcharts.
  • Build a solid foundation in algorithmic design and problem-solving.
  • Master intermediate and advanced programming techniques.
  • Gain hands-on coding experience in C and Python languages.


The book is tailored for entry-level college and university students eager to learn coding skills. The book is also beneficial for students and self-learners eager to crack the code to effective problem-solving.