In the world of industrial manufacturing and supply chain, the lack of real-time visibility and insights into processes poses a significant challenge. However, IoT is set to bring about a profound transformation. This technological revolution promises efficiency gains, operational optimization, and unprecedented business insights.

Step into the world of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 with IoT and discover how it revolutionizes production and logistics. Learn about real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and quality control while ensuring a secure IoT infrastructure. Explore practical examples in manufacturing, including smart factories, personalized transit, and sustainability practices. Use the potential of AI, predictive analytics, and 3D printing to align your IoT strategies with business goals for enhanced performance. 

Completing this book equips readers to excel in leveraging IoT for industrial manufacturing and supply chain advancements. They will master IoT concepts, optimize processes, and handle integration challenges. With the acquired knowledge, readers can develop strong IoT strategies, assess project outcomes effectively, and introduce significant improvements to their manufacturing and supply chain operations.


  • Learn IoT principles, strategies, and tech for advanced manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Understand IoT's role in enhancing competitiveness and innovation. 
  • Gain insights through real-world case studies and practical examples.


  • Understanding IoT's role in advanced manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Applying IoT for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Enhancing production efficiency through IoT-driven solutions.
  • Leveraging IoT for supply chain optimization and transparency.
  • Overcoming IoT implementation challenges and ensuring security.
  • Exploring the future possibilities of IoT and AI in manufacturing.


This book is intended for manufacturing, supply chain management, and IoT specialists and enthusiasts with intermediate to advanced knowledge of IoT and its industrial applications.