Learn and Leverage the Power of Unity to Create Amazing Video Games!


  • Discover everything to learn about Game Design, processes, and Unity's 2D and 3D engines.
  • Less complicated step-by-step tutorials on building gameplay systems and improving their performance.
  • Dedicated help and support for developing prototypes, releasing games, and sharpening the user experience.


The Unity Engine has been steadily evolving over the past few years into one of the most powerful resources for the game development community. Its feature-rich toolkit and user-friendliness make it an ideal foundation for budding game developers.

The book ‘Mastering Game Design with Unity 2021’ will walk you through creating a multimedia game from scratch, covering everything from the basics of game development to advanced design concepts. The book will help you to learn the ins and outs of scenes, game objects, input systems, physics, particles, and post-processing effects, and even get access to instructions to put your newfound skills to use. In addition, this book will help you to learn the fundamentals of game logic design, interactive narratives, game mechanics, storyboarding, and design structure in an easy-to-understand format from a coaching game expert.

Whether you're brand new to the gaming industry or a seasoned developer looking to strengthen your Unity skills, this book will provide everything you need to know to design stunning 3D games, animations, 3D content, and virtual reality/augmented reality experiences in Unity 3D.


  • Use the Unity Game Editor and Assets to design and build 3D animations and games.
  • Understand important game design concepts across a variety of genres.
  • Take advantage of Unity's pre-built UI, rendering, physics, and graphics systems.
  • Create custom gameplay systems and elements using C# scripting.
  • Figure out how to make an already existing prototype appear even better.


This book is for aspiring game designers, animators, and professional graphic creators who wish to create games with spectacular 3D visuals and high-quality animation effects. Readers can go through the fundamentals of game design and then learn how to use them in Unity to make their own custom video game from scratch.