Architect an android application independent of UI, databases and frameworks


  • Find out why Clean Architecture is so beneficial for Android development.
  • Learn the principles of clean architecture and see how you can implement them in your next project.
  • Leverage unit and end-to-end testing to boost the quality of your Android projects.


"Clean Architecture for Android" was written to help developers apply Clean Architecture to their projects.

The book will explain why Clean Architecture is so valuable. It will demonstrate how you can use this architecture to build more reliable and extensible apps. It will also show you how Clean Architecture helps ensure your projects are easy to maintain. This book will explain the structure and functions at each level of the architecture. It will show you how to integrate Clean Architecture into your project and gradually transition from your current architecture to the new one. Finally, it will demonstrate how to apply the various Clean Architecture concepts by practicing and demonstrating their value.

If you are new to creating Android apps, this book will give you the foundational knowledge you need to start creating apps using Clean Architecture. It will walk you through the process of dissecting requirements into the Clean Architecture layers. It will then teach you how to implement every one of these layers. As a result, your development process would speed up in the long run and will produce a high quality product.

Having a high percentage of your code tested is also beneficial, which is why in this book you will also learn how to test your app.


  • Build an Android application from the ground up using the Clean Architecture standard.
  • Transform an existing application into clean architecture-based business software.
  • Methods and approaches for introducing the novel functionality.
  • Learn to perform class-based testing for a clean architecture application.
  • Conduct full-stack testing to ensure your software works as planned.


This book caters to Android developers of all skill levels, as well as Kotlin programmers and mobile app developers. The reader doesn't need to have a solid knowledge of Kotlin, but it is preferred to be known.