Explore the ins-and-outs of optimizing your code to improve performance


  • Contains a variety of approaches and tools for resolving, repairing, and fine-tuning enterprise applications.
  • Learn to write clean and efficient codes to avoid performance bottlenecks.
  • Get well versed with optimization and benchmarking tools to discover and fix poor-performing code.


When making a large enterprise application, a lot of thought needs to go into the performance. This problem could have been prevented when applications are slow and have timeout errors, for example, and these errors keep happening. This book instructs developers on how to increase the efficiency of their code, detect and eliminate performance bottlenecks, and construct codes that simplify the software execution.

This book teaches to improve the performance and reliability of apps so that the business runs smoothly. Readers will learn to employ the correct data types, different pattern matching, application profiling, and performance diagnostics. Various application challenges, including a large object heap, memory cache, system interoperability, and accurate collections, are thoroughly discussed with appropriate solutions. While exploring how to improve application performance, readers will gain hands-on experience with tools like Visual Studio Diagnostic Tools, JetBrains DotMemory, Red Gate ANTS, and dotTrace.

Furthermore, readers get to practice writing clean codes, use of expert best practices, and design effective UIs responding appropriately to the server and the user.


  • Develop the ability to recognise code with poor performance in every application.
  • Prevent application performance issues by writing code free of errors and problems.
  • Verify troublesome areas of the application's code with in-depth testing.
  • Think creatively to create responsive user interfaces for individual users and applications.
  • Get an opportunity to learn necessary C# commands quickly.
  • Overcome the difficulties brought by InterOp, Hashtable, and Collection.


C# and .NET developers, application developers, web developers, and software developers are all looking forward to this book because they want to focus on producing high-quality apps rather than managing the development tool.