Learn, Master & Ace VMware Network Virtualization Exam #2V0-642 with hands-on knowledge


  • Get your grips on the basics of NSX-V network virtualization platform
  • Explore NSX core components along with a detailed compare and contrast of its benefits and implementation
  • In-depth practical demonstration of network function virtualisation concepts with system image
  • Integrate VMware NSX Integration with third party tools, products, services and systems using APIs
  • Start with the basics and progress to advanced concepts in every chapter
  • Deep dive into vDS capabilities including creation & deletion, adding/deleting ESXi hosts, configuring virtual ports and much more
  • Hands-on demonstration on configuring and managing vSphere Networking, Network Security, NSX Network Services


Starting with the very basics of Networking virtualization, this book is a comprehensive guide to help you get certified as a VMware Professional.

This book discusses the relationships between physical and virtual network infrastructure, networking devices, their working concepts and moves on to demonstrating the installation, configuration, administration, and operations performance in VMware NSX environment. The easy to follow explanations along with relevant visual aids like snapshots, tables and relevant figures will help you to practically follow the course of the book with ease. 

Initial chapters explore the various components of VMware NSX, its architecture and implementation in the network. Going forward its integration with third-party hardware, applications and services have been discussed extensively. Automation, Monitoring, and role assignments have been covered in concluding sections of the guide thus providing an end-to-end visibility on the topic.

With all the information mentioned in this guide, grasped, and fully understood, you can target cracking the prestigious VMware certification VCP6-NV-2V0-642 successfully.


  • Understand Network Virtualization & NSX Core Components
  • Explore VMware NSX Technology and Architecture & Physical Infrastructure requirements 
  • Configure & Manage vSphere Networking
  • Install, configure, manage & Upgrade VMware NSX Virtual Network
  • Understand how to Configure & Administer Network Security
  • Deploy a Cross-vCentre NSX environment
  • Perform Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment


This book is intended for IT infrastructure personnel engaged in networking, datacenter and cloud administration. With the knowledge gained through this guide, you can get certified as a VMware Professional (VCP6-NV-2V0-642) and progress further in your networking career.