Develop strong understanding of C principles through popular challenges and solutions


  • Extensive coverage of C principles and its applications with a thorough explanation.
  • Includes 500+ interview questions on C data structures, arrays, with detailed solutions.
  • Perfect for campus interviews and GATE, ISRO, and BARC career exams.


"Cracking C Programming Interview" gives aspiring programmers and job seekers every opportunity to prepare for and succeed in competitive interviews with companies that work in the technology industry. This book provides the most comprehensive information available on solutions and coding scenario examples for you to practice with. Furthermore, the book includes hundreds of difficult programming tasks and coding situations.

This book ensures that applicable C programming principles, and the suitable selection of data structures are applied in every question, and problem statement presented. By assisting you in strengthening your programming principles and most competitive interview questions, this book keeps the potential to serve as a doorway to major technology incubators such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, VMware, and Microsoft.


  • Unleash answers to extensive C programming questions interviewed in technology companies.
  • Range of scenarios and examples to explore programming strategies.
  • Learn to distinguish among compile, link, and load time errors.
  • Understand procedural programming and the memory layout of a running C program
  • Using examples, learn about structs, pointers, arrays, strings, etc.


This book targets aspiring programmers, job seekers, recent IT grads, and professional developers who want to brush up on their knowledge of C fundamentals through questions and problems and expert solutions.