A must-have book for HR professional to explore Excel based analytics 


  • Manage people effectively by exploring performance metrics, attrition and retention strategies.
  • HR Analytics explained in an easy to follow and crisp methodology for HR aspirants.
  • Practical examples and solutions with frameworks.
  • Mark out career growth for resources with learning & development mapping.
  • Learn various hiring strategies to onboard the right people.
  • Case studies explored with  sample datasets and access for real-time practice.


This book is a start to end guide on all HR processes right from hiring to attrition of the resource. Each chapter is designed with easy to follow explanations and real life scenarios to help HR professionals get an in-depth understanding of HR analytics. You will start with various hiring strategies and identifying the right resource to onboard for your organization. You will then move on to exploring different learning and development plans to enrich the skillset of the resources and chalk out a career plan for them. Different employee engagement strategies are discussed to ensure the employees are active and do not burn out which may result in brain drain. 

Performance metrics, which is a key part of employee management, is dealt with in detail to give you more insights into effectively managing and motivating good performers alongside devising improvement plans for the average performers. Compensation, payroll related topics are then explored and the book finally takes you through the final stage, attrition and retention strategies.

The book is an HR Analytics treatise combining 07 chapters and each chapter of this book is dedicated to key people practice problems – starting from hiring and ending with attrition. The chapters are linked as a flow of events in the life of an employee where each practice is interlinked to the forthcoming one along with the previous. A common thread is the competency-linked approach to understand the interlinkages between each practice, its numbers and its further effects elsewhere using analytics.


  • Mastering Hiring Analytics. 
  • Explore Learning and Development strategies and analytics.
  • Keep your employee engaged with different Employee Engagement techniques and analytics. 
  • Best practices on managing Employee Performance.
  • Compensation and Payroll Analytics with case studies.
  • Attrition Analytics and Retention strategies to engage with top talent.


This book is aimed at HR practitioners and analysts or anyone who aims to make a career in Human Resources. Prior knowledge of HR or organization behavior would be helpful but not mandatory.