Guide to provide on implementing Zero Trust based security controls


  • Includes Zero Trust, security, operational advantages, Zero Trust security architectures
  • Extensive coverage on dynamic, identity-centric, IAM systems, IDS/IPS, SIEM, CISOs,
  • Learn to design a credible and defensible Zero Trust security architecture 


This book delves into the complexities of business settings. It covers the practical guidelines and requirements your security team will need to design and execute a zero-trust journey while maximizing the value of your current enterprise security architecture. The goal of Zero Trust is to radically alter the underlying concept and approach to enterprise security, moving away from old and clearly unsuccessful perimeter-centric techniques and toward a dynamic, identity-centric, and policy-based approach.

This book helps the readers to earn about IPS, IDS, and IDPS, along with their varieties and comparing them. It also covers Virtual Private Networks, types of VPNs.and also to understand how zero trust and VPN work together

By the completion of the book, you will be able to build a credible and defensible Zero Trust security architecture for your business, as well as implement a step-by-step process that will result in considerably better security and streamlined operations


  • Understand the importance of implementing Zero Trust security concepts.
  • Take a look at the security and operational advantages of Zero Trust.
  • Make educated judgments on where, when, and how Zero Trust security architectures should be used.
  • Learn how the path to Zero Trust will affect your business and security architecture.
  • Prepare to map out your path to Zero Trust while finding initiatives that can provide immediate security advantages to your company.


This book is meant for the CISOs, enterprise security architects, security engineers, network security architects, solution architects, Zero Trust strategists, and among the security leaders, architects, and practitioners.