Lead the digital transformation wave with Microsoft Teams


  • Explore numerous business scenarios to gain a better grasp of Microsoft Dataverse for Teams
  • Build your first app with step-by-step instructions and expand features with flows and bots.
  • Find more about the application, environment, and licensing lifecycle management.


Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is a low-code data platform built into Microsoft Teams that allows anybody to create and deploy apps, processes, and intelligent chatbots utilizing Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents (PVA).

You will be able to construct apps using step-by-step instructions for building up Teams, generating tables to hold data, and leveraging the data for your digital solutions without having to learn any coding languages. You'll be able to create your first app with Dataverse for Teams in under an hour if you follow the ideas in the book. You will learn how to use Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents to automate repetitive processes and create alerts.

As you gain experience constructing these digital solutions, you'll be able to tell when it's time to upgrade from Dataverse for Teams to Dataverse, which includes more advanced features. Finally, you will learn about the administration and governance aspects of Microsoft Dataverse for Teams and PowerApps, as well as the license needs. 

By the end of the book, you will have acquired the skills necessary to build and implement an enterprise-grade digital solution. The readers will be prepared to lead a digital revolution in your organization.


  • Create enterprise-grade applications for Teams by designing, developing, and deploying them.
  • Build Up Your Strength Using Dataverse for Teams, automate flows, and PVA bots.
  • Learn about the best practices in administration and security.
  • Learn about Microsoft Dataverse's licensing requirements and advanced features.
  • Identify instances in which your citizen development talents can be put to use in your business.


This book is for developers, business experts. Basic understanding of how to use softwares like PowerPoint, Excel is required