A book that will help you become the Mozart of Microservices


  • All codes tested on the latest software versions with visual illustrations.
  • Covers bleeding-edge DevOps skills to build a future-proof job profile.
  • Includes expert advice, industry insights, and logical analogies to craft a technical narrative.


“Cracking Containers with Docker and Kubernetes” aims to be a comprehensive guide for learning and referencing all of the essential topics related to creating, managing, and running containers with Docker and Kubernetes. Students and professionals working on Containerized web applications can use this book to lay strong conceptual foundations and sharpen their skills.

The first few chapters provide an overall picture of resource virtualization in computing and demonstrate the potential of containers. The intermediate chapters get to extensive detail about Docker and Kubernetes. You will gain in-demand skills such as Docker and Kubernetes CLI, as well as how to write Dockerfiles, Compose files, and Kubernetes YAML Manifests. Topics like Networking, Storage, Access Control, and Security are discussed with real-world implications. The final chapters move Kubernetes and Containers to the cloud while expanding their ecosystem with tools for Serverless deployment, logging and monitoring, CI/CD, and more for a highly available production-ready setup.

After reading this book you will be able to plan your application’s migration to containers, prepare for Docker and Kubernetes Certifications, or apply for six digit DevOps jobs.


  • Learn to create, manage and orchestrate Containers using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Practice writing Dockerfiles, Compose Files and Kubernetes YAML Manifests.
  • Perform container networking, storage, authorization, security, and scaling in a production environment.
  • Explore shipping, CI/CD, Service Mesh, Logging & Monitoring in detail.
  • Get the Cracking Containers with Docker and Kubernetes know-how of hosted and Serverless Kubernetes on Cloud.


This book is intended for students, enthusiasts, and professionals in Software Development, DevOps, and Cloud Computing who want to put their career progress on a pedestal by reducing the operational and scaling costs of their web applications and optimizing their IT infrastructure utilization.