Artificial Intelligence Meets Augmented Reality: Redefining Regular Reality is a unique book as it presents the new technology paradigm of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) and its full transition, right from major advantages that enhance entire industries to changing how the world operates at various levels. New realities will emerge in the context of our existing world through the combination of AI-AR. The book presents both the bright and bleak sides of the AI-AR duo in order to give a holistic view and help us to decide how we are going to leverage such technologies—and whether their disruptive or transformative nature—will mar or make the future of our world. A workforce of enlightened engineers is the key to designing and developing AI-AR solutions with responsibility in order to achieve the greater good. Through the book, Chitra Lele has explained a multidisciplinary, integrated approach as to how we can minimize barriers and blend AI and AR without destroying our natural settings. The book will help to chart out a path where there is no trail yet, and get you started on developing AI-AR solutions and experiences in bettering the world in an ethical and responsible manner.

Blending of AI and AR

Key Features
  • The book believes in the concept of teach by example. All the tools needed to facilitate quick understanding of complex concepts are provided in this book:
  • Definition of key terms
  • Industry studies, research statistics, etc., that clarify concepts
  • Spotlight sections
  • A Word of Caution sections
  • Chapter summaries
  • Questions for reflection
What Will You Learn
  • Dynamics of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality
  • AI and AR Ecosystem
  • Business at the Crossroads of AI and AR
  • What does the AI-AR Marriage Hold for the Future of the World
Who This Book is For
Students, Academicians, Educationists, Professionals and Policy researchers.