A Techno-Social Vision of Artificial Intelligence in the International Life. The book enters with its first chapter providing a simple and legal backdrop of the idea behind AI Ethics and International Law, its references and some important analogies and conceptual ideas. Also, the first chapter introduces some problems and questions regarding AI for contemplation in the field of jurisprudence. The second chapter vividly focuses on the deeper aspect of Artificial Intelligence, and goes to the principled developments of pure international law, with special analysis of the conceptions of sovereignty, self-determination, and human rights. The chapter explores the catchy world of design and technology and covers the diversity of issues revolving Artificial Intelligence Ethics. The third chapter gets specific with International Law and paves on ways towards the idea of the Privacy Doctrine conceived by the author. The chapter also explores the conceptual propositions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and International Law and renders about the scope of culture as a part of the social ecosystem to affect artificial intelligence. The chapter also lays the origination of the idea of an AI as an Entity, with special examples. The fourth chapter is centric towards human rights, making the debate beyond the legal literature and pragmatizing about the corporate idea of innovation and customer experience in various tech companies and institutions. The final chapter digs deeper into the principles and realms of cosmopolitanism and globalization, giving ways to discover and embark upon the role of human empathy and understanding to solve the issues that disruptive technology renders in its canvas. 

Artificial Intelligence may be the disruptive tech to influence our lives, but in the end, it has its own species to grow, so let us not take it as something we use and leave.

Key Features 

  • The book gives a lucid introduction to the idea of AI Ethics and its geopolitical implications.
  • The book is insightful for an academic understanding of AI Ethics in the concept of Legal Personality meant for every person, including professionals in the field of Law, Social Sciences and Technology Studies.
  • The book provides a special understanding and renders curiosity for readers to establish newer ideas and understand Artificial Intelligence from a socio-cultural scenario.
  • The book gives a cogent aspect of the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and International Law.
  • The book presents an innovative and dimensional idea of Privacy with respect to AI in Legal Theory.

What Will You Learn
The reader will learn about artificial intelligence in the eyes of a social animal, beyond the technical aspect of it. It enables the reader to challenge the conventional understanding of artificial intelligence and gives a motivation to understand the deep connection that AI is capable to create with humans in its social, economic and cultural scenarios rendered. It also poses a sense of curiosity and humility for people to understand the legal and social role of disrupting tech whether they are in a developed country or a developing one. 

Who This Book is For
This book is based on students, academicians, educationists, professionals and policy researchers in the field of law, social sciences, management and technology to understand and get a special insight of artificial intelligence for mankind. It is also a good read for a layman audience to get into the idea of artificial intelligence ethics for their understanding and awareness.