Expert Choice to build Business Intelligence landscapes and dashboards for Enterprises 


  • In-depth knowledge of Power BI, demonstrated through step-by-step exercises.
  • Covers data modelling, visualization, and implementing security with complete hands-on training.
  • Includes a project that simulates a realistic business environment from start to finish.


Mastering Power BI covers the entire Power BI implementation process. The readers will be able to understand all the concepts covered in this book, from data modelling to creating powerful - visualizations.

This book begins with the concepts and terminology such as Star-Schema, dimensions and facts. It explains about multi-table dataset and demonstrates how to load these tables into Power BI. It shows how to load stored data in various formats and create relationships. Readers will also learn more about Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). This book is a must for the developers wherein they learn how to extend the usability of Power BI, to explore meaningful and hidden data insights. Throughout the book, you keep on learning about the concepts, techniques and expert practices on loading and shaping data, visualization design and security implementation.


  • Learn about Business Intelligence (BI) concepts and its contribution in business analytics.
  • Learn to connect, load, and transform data from disparate data sources.
  • Start creating and executing powerful DAX calculations.
  • Design various visualizations to  prepare insightful reports and dashboards.


This book is for anyone interested in learning how to use Power BI desktop or starting a career in Business Intelligence and Analytics. While this covers all the fundamentals, it is recommended that the reader be familiar with MS-Excel and database concepts.