Mastering Advanced Python Programming


  • In-depth coverage on fundamentals of functions, recursion, classes, inheritance, and files.
  • Mastery of advanced topics - Database connectivity, Errors and Exception, Testing and Debugging, threads, Data visualization, and Data analysis.
  • In-depth coverage of advanced concepts such as data structures, and algorithms.


Advance Core Python Programming is designed for  Programmers who have a good understanding of Python basics and are ready to take the next steps. For entry-level Python programmers willing to dive deeper into programming, this book provides a path that will help them to add innovative features to their applications. This book starts by introducing you to the concept of Functions and Recursion and then moves on to higher levels of introducing you to OOP concepts, Files, integrating Python with database, threading, errors, exceptions, testing, debugging, data visualization, data analysis, GUI, data structures and algorithms. All these topics are the need of the hour and this book simplifies all these critical and essential concepts of Python for you. Knowledge of these topics will ease the functioning of your envisioned application.

Throughout the book, you will have access to several coding examples which will help you to understand the real practical application of advanced Python concepts and you will be able to work on any kind of Python project with confidence.


  • Learn advanced Python topics in simple language.
  • Learn how to code in easy-to-follow steps.
  • Learn to create your own classes and functions.
  • Learn to work with Files.


This book is highly appealing to all tech-savvy students, programming enthusiasts, IT graduates, and computer science professionals who want to build strong proficiency in building Python applications. Prior understanding of Python basic coding concepts like variables, expressions, and control structures is required to begin with this book. You can also read Basic Core Python Programming to develop strong fundamentals before you start with this book.